Hello, Education, Hello Culture, please meet Innovation

By and large, education is based on the safe assumption that one only has to go on collecting more and more information for it to sort itself into useful ideas. We have developed tools for handling the information: mathematics for extending it, logical thinking for refining it.

Culture on the other hand is how things get done, without people having to think about it. It is something in the air that visitors pick up on when they walk through a house or a Company. How does education and culture insect or conflict so as to birth innovation?

Culture is concerned with the establishment of ideas. Education is concerned with communicating those established ideas. Both are concerned with improving ideas by bringing them up to date. However, for ideas to be brought up to date, there has to be conflict. Firstly, the conflict between new information and an old idea. When this occurs the old idea has to be changed. Secondly conflict between opposing ideas. One of the ideas will have to be suppressed for one to dominate.

When education goes beyond knowledge transfer to steering transformation, innovation will be impacted in different industries. When cultures are open to being updated, innovation thrives. There goes the link.


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