Employee Happiness can be elusive until you do this one THING!
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Employee Happiness can be elusive until you do this one THING!

When you’re an employee you think you are a genius at making your colleagues happy. You can point out what management is missing. The day you become the Manager or leader you discover that Employee happiness is elusive even to the very best leaders. “What can Management do to make X LTD a happier workplace“, you ask.

We want training” they reply.

So you give them the necessary training but they are still not happy. “Why?“, you ask.

We loved the training, but next time we need an allowance or transport refund because the training venue is far from office

I have watched this cycle going on in the majority of Organisations that have hired me especially in regard to facilitating Cultural Transformation. Leaders know that if the employees ain’t happy, the Customer won’t be happy and in turn, it will affect the bottom line. And for such employee happiness their priority

You can’t make the Customer happy unless you make the employee who is waiting on the customer happy. And you can’t make that employee who is waiting on the Customer happy unless you know who that employee is, what they want, what they need, what is missing in their life. And you can’t know all these things unless you ask. And even when you ask them, if you don’t ask the right questions, you won’t get the truth back.

From my experience dealing with thousands of employees for over a decade now. I know that Employees rarely tell the whole truth, not because they don’t want to but because they don’t know the whole truth.

I know you are asking “So, what is the whole truth Sudesh”?  Every leader should know that;

Every time an employee complains about not being happy relentlessly despite you giving them what they thought makes them happy, chances are you are dealing with a Values Problem and not an Employee Happiness Problem. To value something means placing importance upon something. I am referring to life values here. What do you value right now? Family?money? Family and money are means to an end. “What does family give you” You might say, love, security. etc. Those are your values.

Every employee has values and so does every organisation. If an organisation does not know its values, it might hire people who have opposite values and will never be happy working there. An employee who values security will never be happy working for a dynamic start-up that values adventure.

Employee happiness is not a mystery. You can deliver it to employees who share values with the organisation. So the whole truth that a chronically unhappy employee is communicating is, “I don’t share values with this organisation but I need the money so I will bullshit and make a string of demands that will never make me happy”

As Leadership it is your job to fix your Culture: standards, rules and accepted practises that shape the behaviour of people.

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