Elections’ Critical and Creative sides exposed.


As it turns out, every five years, Ugandans go to polls to democratically elect their President, Members of Parliament, Mayors and councilors. The months leading to the elections are full of preparations; the electoral commission updates the registers procures ballots and sensitizes the voters while politicians traverse the country looking for votes. In this week’s blog post, I would like to focus on the Critical and Creative sides of elections but relate them to your personal life. I shall seek to present to you a plethora of thoughts and ideas on what you can learn. From the lessons, you should be able to live wiser and happier.

Critical thinking side

Critical thinking is a collection of skills we use every day that are necessary for full intellectual and personal development. The word critical is derived from the Greek word Kritikos, which means ‘discernment’ ‘the ability to judge’ or ‘decision making’

At the end of the election, some candidates win while some lose. But have you ever wondered how a candidate decides to stand? More so how do you decide which candidate to vote for? Do you make a choice based on their age, history, tribe affiliations, etc.? Is your choice selfish or inclusive? As you mature in thinking you will realize that not all thinking is valid. While you can choose a politician based on your sentiments or which tribe they come from, doing the same in your life will kill you fast.

While political elections come every five years, the reality of ‘elections in life ‘is an everyday thing. You choose which schools and church to attend, workplaces to commit to, friends to be loyal to and you choose a spouse once in your lifetime.  Great critical thinking skills are needed for one to make wise decisions. Wise decisions are those neither rooted in sentiments or rationality. If you are going to make wise decisions you need to exercise yourself in becoming analytical, effectively communicating, being flexible and tolerant, open-minded, and a problem solver.

Creative thinking side

In the just-concluded Ugandan elections, we saw creativity in various ways; one candidate maximized the use of social media, while the other used comedy and staged fights to attract attention….Katumba Oyeee!

Creative thinkers can view problems from multiple perspectives and come up with original solutions to complex problems. They use their imagination to envision possibilities, including potential future problems, and to develop contingency plans to effectively deal with these scenarios. Creativity also involves a willingness to take risks, to cope with the unexpected, to welcome challenges and even failure as a part of the process to arrive at a new and deeper understanding.

So there you have it; making choices needs to be done wisely and creatively in everyday life for a happier life.

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