Is a Strategy Relevant to an Individual?

Is a Strategy Relevant to an Individual?

By and large, individuals think strategies are for big organisations, not them. As a Coach, I work hard to convince my individual clients to formulate individual strategies because of the above-mentioned perception. Strategy means putting things in place carefully, and with a great deal of thought. It is the opposite of just waiting for things to happen or take flight. Don’t confuse a plan for a strategy. A plan consists of budgets and action points you take. A strategy is the “big picture” and a plan consists of the “small pictures” that form the “big picture”

Why should I give a damn about the freaking so-called-strategy? Simple! A strategy provides you with a reason for taking an initiative, for getting moving and for taking action. Imagine receiving a puzzle of a monument in Kampala City but on the top, there’s no picture of that monument only pieces of the puzzle. How easy would it be to put the puzzle together? The “big picture” (Strategy) helps you to make sense of the “small pictures”(plan) as you place them in their respective places to make the big picture.

A wedding plan by itself achieves little unless we see it in light of the bigger picture of the union of two people with a life strategy. Going back to school isn’t inspirational enough unless it’s part of a bigger career strategy path. Starting a business isn’t an end in itself…..

In summary, you need an individual life strategy to:

  1. Provide you with guidelines for making decisions like which course to take, which friends to keep, which job to take, which markets to break into: does this fit my strategy?
  2. Provide you with the long-term view of things hence the ability to take risks in context.

Work on getting your strategy and all the plans in life will make sense or get thrown out.

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