Do Work that Matters For People Who Care.

Do Work that Matters For People Who Care.

If you’re going to spend a minimum of ten hours on a job every day, you might as well do something you’re proud of. Having written that I know that sometimes career progression is not a bed of roses. You need to have wisdom to persevere during the “long” low moments.

In the next few lines I am going to be selling you the fact that, “If you understand how careers progress from one stage to another you will be; happier with the process that leads you to mastery-of course you will make the money. Understanding career progression will also help you be patient when need arises”.

When you look at the world’s greatest careers (am referring to those that love what they do and those who make it count for humanity), they have one thing in common; the wisdom to understand the power of process.  Steve Jobs went through crisis after crisis without quitting because he understood that careers progress through learning and frustration. If you want to be a star at your craft, understand the following five stages of career progression. Without this wisdom you risk quitting on your dream career.

Here are the five stages of career progression;


Before you ever become a master at anything you have to learn it. Every master was once a learner. Every Bishop was once a deacon. Every star player was once an amateur. At this stage you are like a kid; learning the basics of your area of calling. However you do not stop at learning you move onto stage two which is….

Editing or prioritizing.

The signal for progression from learning to editing is when you start to find a specific area within what you are learning that you are so good at by asking themselves the following questions;

  • What gives me the highest return?
  • What am I really good at?
  • What is required of me within my passions?

When I was in Makerere University working on my Business Administration degree, we spent two years learning general business and in the last year one chose to major either in Accounts, marketing, Finance etc. Career progression never stops at the editing stage it goes to…..


Some of the signals that differentiate an editor from a master are;

  • Masters make things that are complex to others simple.
  • They have the ability to recover from mistakes without causing havoc.
  • They are sought after by fellow masters.

I have been doing public speaking for a decade now and all the above is true, I had to learn, edit and at mastery level now. Complex things are simple to me but it wasn’t the case eight years ago.

One would think careers stop at Mastery, but they don’t, you move on to…


A harvester is a master who has spent many years building a reputation of mastery. Companies like NIKE sought Christiano Ronaldo and Lebron James giving them life endorsements because these athletes have built a reputation of consistent mastery. They are paid for their reputation millions of dollars. We are not done just one more stage;


After building a reputation of mastery, share or guide others to be their very best.

Note: It is possible to have overlapping stages e.g. Lebron James is at harvesting (endorsements, big deals etc.) at the same time he has a foundation and school as avenues of sharing.

Embrace the wisdom of career progression, make the right choices and help others along the way. All the best!

Credit: Sudesh Kaka.


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