Culture Switch: Finding People with whom you Resonate.

Culture Switch: Finding People with whom you Resonate.

In his book Start with Why, Author and renown Ted-Talker Simon Sinek shares interesting insights about the influence of Culture on Jobs and Workplace success. He says “Simply hiring people with a solid résumé or great work ethic does not always guarantee success.”

Simon argues that the best engineer at Apple, for example, would likely be miserable if he worked at Microsoft. Likewise, the best engineer at Microsoft would probably not thrive at Apple. Both are highly experienced and work hard. Both may come highly recommended. However, each engineer does not fit the other’s company.

Whereas it’s possible to predict and impressively answer every interview question. It’s another whole different world to interview for culture. And this is problematic both from the interviewers’ as well as candidate sides. My view on the subject of Culture is that it’s neither a question of good or bad nor right or wrong. I believe it’s a matter of resonance.

One way to ensure that you find people with whom your culture strikes a chord is to always ask yourself one question: “What is the dominant behavioral trait of this person or this environment?” If you feel an attraction to it, then bingo! If not, you might want to save your energy.

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