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Creativity and Innovation are different yet the same

Creativity and innovation are the same yet different:

Once upon a time, a rich man wanted her daughter to marry the richest of her suitors. But her daughter was in love with a broke student.

The daughter said,“ I want to marry the richest of my suitors but I don’t know who is the richest of them all. If you- my father asks them to buy presents they would borrow money so we shall never know who is the richest. I suggest that you give each of them money and the one with the biggest difference in life would be the poorest “

“ You are a genius, my daughter, thanks for the idea”

As I write this the daughter eloped with her true love coz now he had money. Whether the above story is fictional or real it teaches us something.

Firstly; you can be creative but not necessarily innovative. The young woman who wanted to get married was both creative and innovative.

Creativity is like speaking to a child. When that child is around people who speak they will inevitably learn and speak eventually. On the other hand, innovation is like a kid learning to read and write. It is taught and learned but it should also be practical.

Secondly, creativity and innovation require boldness and overcoming the fear to be wrong.

So the next time you think creativity just know they are different yet complementary.

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