Change the Rules of the Game

I recently picked up a copy of Forbes Africa Magazine where founder and publisher, Rakesh Wahi was making interesting remarks on the effect of COVID-19, “We cannot change the past but we can only prepare ourselves better for the future. The pandemic caught us off guard and derailed the world economy…It’s going to change the way we think and do business now and in the future.”

Rakesh is essentially saying, ‘creatively re-think everything’.  But hey what does that mean? Is it about making simple improvements? No. It is about changing the rules of the game. Case in point. Ford did not think about getting a faster horse when he created an automobile. He went out in search for a faster way to get from point A to point B.  This is what we call firs principles design thinking- that is anew piece of technology that comes along, redefines how business is done and demands everyone to reset their thinking and behavior.

With the coming of the automobile, people lost jobs and new challenges were created. All over a sudden we needed petrol stations, mechanics, spare parts re-sellers etc. it influenced the way cities were designed; roads and buildings. It created middle class and the story goes on.

Changing rules creates challenges but ultimately creates more opportunities.

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