Between You and I…

Between you and I, creativity makes life more fun and interesting.

Between you and, removing inhibitions does not necessarily make you creative. Case in point: an ordinary man walking down the road is arrested and tied up with a rope. Then a violin produced. Obviously, the man tied up with a rope cannot play the violin. So, what can you can I say? We can claim that if the rope was cut the man would play the violin. This is nonsense. Cutting the rope does not make the man a violinist.

Between you and I, creativity means binging into existence something valuable. Don’t use creativity to mess up your life.

Between you and I, ‘teaching creativity’ is not encouraging children to take up dancing and music. Those are art activities but not necessarily activities of creativity.

Between me and you, there’s more to creativity than collecting data and analyzing it. The analysis shall give you policies, strategies but if you need creativity you have to be open to possibilities.

Between you and I, Creativity is a skill like cycling that you can learn.

Between you and I, wouldn’t now be a great time to start learning creativity?

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