Beautiful Inspiration on Creativity from Africa

This week I have chosen to write about Africa and how we can derive inspiration from our heritage. I read a post by Professor Lumumba lamenting how a newspaper in Kenya ran its headline about the US election on the first page and the Premier League on its last page. He concludes by asking, “who bewitched Africa?” Bewitching means to cast a spell over someone Sometimes Africans behave like a spell has been cast over them but it shouldn’t be the case. We can do amazing things on the continent; dream big, exercise creativity and attract excellence.

Case in point: meet Nana Asamoah Yeboah Afari the proprietor of Royal Senchi Hotel and Resort in Ghana. He started a 20-room hotel that has ever since grown to over 80 rooms but that’s not the whole story. When you listen to him you see that he derived inspiration for creativity from his heritage in Ghana. How? You may ask.

Let’s delve into the five aspects of his inspiration:

Imagination: Nana imagined himself creating the biggest and finest romantic resort in Ghana. When his architects were working on the project. They did something very imaginative; drove around Ghana seeking inspiration from the entire country. The resort encapsulates the African heritage all in one place with from the design, blending with the river etc. Its ambience indulges you into a richer and more interesting Ghana.

Over view of the Royal Senchi Hotel in Ghana

Artistic: The aesthetics of the resort are purely African with the famous Ashante stool being the sign of royalty. You also have tree restaurants typical of traditional African gatherings. Isn’t that beautiful?

Tree restaurant

Adventurousness: This resort is built with endless amenities, pools, gyms, nature park etc. It takes away boredom and familiarity.

Emotionality: Built next to the river, every room is designed to have a view of the river. Isn’t that amazing? You and I know that water has a calming effect on people. No wonder it’s the perfect gate away for romantic couples.

view of the river

Liberalism: Nana has challenged conventional thinking in establishing this resort.   

Africa rise up!

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Plot 7 Moyo Lane. Kololo. Kampala. Uganda

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