As 2021 ends, emancipate Yourself from Mental Slavery.

The late Bob Marley once sang, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds…”

The worst form of slavery is to be physically free but mentally enslaved. It will frustrate you and suck you into believing you’re right while everyone else is wrong. Before redemption, you must first realize if you’re actually mentally enslaved.

Sudesh how do I know I am mentally enslaved?

1. When you think your employer is responsible for your income.

2. When you know you’re doing what you don’t love but keep doing it.

3. When you think other races are better than your race.

4. When you wait on circumstances to change instead of changing yourself.

5. When you try to lead others before leading yourself.

6. When all you do is imitate instead of innovate.

7. When you lower your expectations because of disappointment.

8. When you refuse to forgive thinking you’re so hurt to extend Grace.

9. When you toss and turn in bed because of anxiety.

10. When people’s opinions of you matter more than God’s truth.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery: greatness is your birthright; mediocrity is self-imposed.


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