Are You Sure You Didn’t See It Coming?
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Are You Sure You Didn’t See It Coming?

“An Ostrich that covers its behind in the sand has two disadvantages; it can’t see things coming and it’s behind is enormously exposed”

The Cable Television Industry (DSTV, GOTV etc) did not see NETFLIX coming. Newspaper merchants are still on the streets selling papers. The University is still charging you $100,000 to get a degree that you can buy on Coursera for less than $2,000. A friend of mine who has been successful selling textbooks did it see that one day students will stop buying textbooks. He has three school-going children and a wife with no source of income.

Strategic foresight or managing the future an essential leadership mindset, skillset and toolset for fast-changing and sometimes challenging times. They don’t teach you these skills in University.

An Entrepreneur you are not allowed to sit out of the future. When you see a trend coming down the pike, you know it’s going to hit you.

A great place to start is; taking off time deliberately to study trends, look at different industries, talk to other people. Slow down! It’s not a waste of time.

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