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Sudesh Kaka

CEO & Founder

Hello I am Sudesh Kaka

I founded in 2011 Sudesh Int’l Consult because I wanted to work with Innovators to Create Clarity 

for other Innovators. Today I work with Crazy Innovators who are passionate, happy and they deliver results.

What you won’t learn from my bio: 
I always design my haircuts on paper and my barber works with a different Blue-print every time.

I am the founder of the design and innovation company SUDESH INT’L CONSULT.

My sweet spots are in Culture Transformation, service & design thinking. I am very passionate about using innovation to create Clarity for individuals and Organizations. I am the most sought after Innovation Coach & Trainer in Africa.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Makerere 

University in 2005, I worked first as an Accounts Assistant, Accountant and 

later as a Marketing & Sales  Manager  for Leather Industries Uganda. I later enrolled at the same University and graduated in post graduate studies in Marketing & Sales. 

In 2010, I enlisted at the Indian Institutes of Technology where he pursued International Business studies. My tenure at the Institute helped him understand Intellectual Property and how to create innovation Systems. 

In 2011 when I founded Sudesh Int’l Consult, under the inspiration from a book titled “Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving 

Organization by Dave Logan.

I later went under the wings of Coach Phil of Intelligent Performance (High Performance Leadership Company). Here  I was mentored while still running my own Company. To date I have served and led countless projects in service design, design thinking and Cultural Transformation.

I am a Certified Fire Institute Trainer from FIT Texas United States of America.

+256 773 342324



Sudesh Kaka

Hi everyone. I’m Marianne Nahayo.

I started  work at Sudesh Int’l Consult early 2018 as the personal 

assistant to  the CRAZY BOSS. It’s been a mind blowing experience so far and I can’t wait to quadruple the experiences!

What you won’t learn from my bio:

I’m the introvert on the team. Marianne is the youngest one on the team (and it is quite the joke!)

I am the administrative assistant to Sudesh and I pretty much do everything he wants me to do (if it does not involve public speaking or heights). I am still a student. I also love writing.

Marianne Nahayo

Personal Assistant

+1 (437) 722-2328



Marianne Nahayo

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