Our Story

2011: The Dream was born.

2012 - 2015: Blood, Sweat and Tears.

2016: The tipping point.

In 2011, three friends—Sudesh Kaka, Billy Bisanga & Diana Murungi, came together to start
SUDESH INTL CONSULT. We pioneered the Simulcast Learning events in Uganda in 2011

“My dream for the future of SUDESH INT’L CONSULT is the same as it was back then: that all our employees get to work from a place of passion, in a free creative environment that is fun. If we take care of that our Clients will be taken.

2012-2013 we struggled to sale our Innovation Systems, pivoted and had very little breakthrough so we resorted to doing main stream Trainings in Human Resources.

2014-2015 Our “Innovation Story” gained momentum and clients begun to appreciate Competitive advantage. Café Pap, Fairway Hotel etc. hired us to improve their innovation systems with an eye on profitability. From then onwards the momentum grew…

We have trained over 30 Companies, with a bias in creating the Innovation Culture, drive design thinking and tell stories distinctly. All this is done through design thinking Workshops, Consulting & Coaching. 

We are building a movement of Innovators who have purpose and are profitable. Our Goal for the next ten years (2018- 2027) is to create clarity through 10,000 projects in Cultural Transformation, human-centered design, Storytelling and Innovation- based Consulting.

Creating Clarity for Innovators

We have a Heart of Service

  • Take Initiative
  • Generous to Our People
  • Humble

We Innovate Relentlessly

  • Embrace Calculated Risk & Change
  • Grow through Focused Learning
  • We Design-Think Everything

We Make & Have Clean FUN

  • Celebrate Everything
  • Adventerous
  • Presence