3 Core Rules that Google, Apple & Pixar use to  gain Maximum Returns from Their Target Markets.

3 Core Rules that Google, Apple & Pixar use to gain Maximum Returns from Their Target Markets.

On 23rd March 2019 we (Sudesh Int’l Consult) shall be hosting our annual Design, Innovation and Storytelling event; VelocityXperience for the second year running. In principle this event is for Innovation based Entrepreneurs who are looking to use design to beat odds in the markets they serve. As it turns out, in our first year of hosting this event, we did better than most events in our industry. It wasn’t by accident; we follow rules that great products or Companies use to maximize reruns from their target markets.

Here are the core three:

  1. We follow the Niche that matches our core capabilities: Our core capabilities are; design, innovation and storytelling. And for such, the group of people attracted to such are innovation obsessed Entrepreneurs.  Find the market that matches your core capabilities. Apple has a core capability in user experience design, Google in rapid innovation, Pixar in animated story telling and each of these companies serves clients who match their core capabilities.
  • We follow the niche(s) that are big enough to matter: While it is tough to measure the exact size of markets especially in Uganda, you can do your own survey to find out if the market is big enough to matter. For VelocityXperience we used our past data on how many Companies are interested in design. We found out that Innovation Obsessed Entrepreneurs are about 50% of the entire market. That is big enough for us to pursue. Note: Be realistic in your assessments of the markets.
  • We pursue a niche we can lead: When you are not the leader the view never changes. Go after markets you can lead.

Stick to the above core three and see yourself land the best opportunities in 2019.

Credit: Sudesh Kaka.

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