You are currently viewing 3 ½ Ways to influence positive change within your Organization regardless of your position.

3 ½ Ways to influence positive change within your Organization regardless of your position.

After facilitating a couple of Cultural transformation processes we( Sudesh Int’l Consult) know this fact; The staff in leadership positions think the rest are not changing as fast while the rest of staff are waiting on their leaders to change. They often tell me, “Sudesh we like this cultural transformation but the leaders need to go first” they continue “how do you expect us to change if the Leaders are not changing?”

Of course when the leaders go first it makes change easier and faster to effect but just because the leaders are hesitant to change does not mean an Organization cannot transform.

Regardless of your position in the Organization, you can lead change by following the following steps;

  1. Ask Great questions. Leadership expert John Maxwell says, “Good questions inform, great questions transform” Instead of asking yourself, “How can I change this Organization” instead ask, “Is there one thing I can do today in my domain to make things a little better?” And the answer is always a yes there is something you can do. However do not stop on asking great questions, go a step further


  1. Take Initiative. Initiatives to change are rarely given they are taken. In 2008 a Kenyan lawyer called Ory Okolloh didn’t wait for main stream media to report on the violence eruptions after the elections, she reported about it on her personal blog, Kenyan Pundit. Tarek el-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi,a Tunisian street vendor set himself on fire on 17 December 2010, which became a catalyst for the Tunisian Revolution and the wider Arab Spring against autocratic regimes. Remember no one gives you initiative you take it. After you have taken initiative so something else.


  1. Enlist other people who are interested: There is usually a few people who share the same convictions with you regarding change. Enlist them and frustrate the status quo with positive results. If you want to take it further…


  1. Take it to the Leader. Leaders love results. Tell them you have got away to boost productivity which directly increases revenues etc. Create a great narrative.

Revolutions are started by one person who gets tired of the status quo, asks the right questions, takes initiative, enlists other and sells a great narrative to the leaders. You have power to change yourself and the organization you serve with, use the power today.





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